Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tea Drinker

I love drinking tea... I like to enjoy it hot and I also like to enjoy it super cold and poured over ice. It's even good when mixed with lemonade - an Arnold Palmer (half iced tea and half lemonade). I like my tea strong whether it's hot or cold. I usually go for a strong black tea, sometimes a mint tea, and in the summer a tea with peach and ginger or mango can be refreshing.

The tea I've currently been drinking often is Tazo's "Awake" tea. I love the design of the wrapper the tea bag comes in. I like the tea steaming hot and sweetened with some clover honey.

What's your favorite tea?

Besides the actual tea, I love tea cups, mugs, and tea pots. There are a bunch of really amazing ceramic artists on Etsy that make all of those items. One artist in particular, Natalya Sots, makes some of the greatest tea pots I've ever seen. They are colorful, playful, and just plain fun. Any of her pieces would be a lively addition and conversation piece to any occasion where tea and/or coffee is served - but imagine an Alice in Wonderland mad-hatter themed "tea party" of sorts. What fun would that be outside in a garden or on a patio on a nice spring day?

Above is a photograph of Natalya Sots's
"Teapot with red polkadots"
(which I'd be insanely happy to own...)

Here's to hot cups and warmed souls.

- Cait

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