Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday Nightcap

Okay, not really a nightcap as in a drink - but a little ending to my birthday day. I hope you all enjoyed my birthday edition food picks from TasteSpotting - and yes, I did end up with lobster today, but it was for dinner.

I had a really nice day starting with my boyfriend taking me to lunch in New Hope, Pennsylvania. We ate outside practically on the river. It was so nice and sunny and warm out today. We were joined by ducks and got to watch fishermen fishing for Shad. We walked across the New Hope/Lambertville bridge and stopped at Lilly's for a slice of Coconut Dream cake to take home with us and I took some photographs.

Later I went out to dinner with my mom and then we did some errand type shopping (buying shampoo). But hey, I love beauty products and since it takes a lot of hard work to keep my red locks red - I love finding specialty shampoos and conditioners. Our night ended with birthday cake eatting, sharing cake with my dog - Ginger (my cat - Princess - got some icing), then I opened cards and gifts.

I had one of the best birthdays today than I've had in a really long time. Since I'm super tired from good food, great people, fun times, shopping, and drinks - I'm going to bed early tonight. I will be posting more about my birthday tomorrow or Sunday. I'll be needing to share food details and photographs. I'll also be making another post about Shad Festival, because it's coming up next weekend.

Heres to feather pillows and full bellies.
- Cait

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