Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shad Festival - Lambertville, New Jersey - April 25th and 26th

Lambertville, New Jersey is one of my favorite local towns. I haven't spent much time there exploring the shops, but two of my favorite restaurants are located there, Lilly's on the Canal and No.9 Restaurant. Yes, it's disappointing that No.9 Restaurant doesn't have their own website - but the food is completely amazing and the tiny cozy dining room is great. Every year Lambertville hosts Shad Festival in honor of the fish. The Festival highlights the local art's community, there's also live music, activities, and of course FOOD!

There will be all kinds of food there from hot dogs and burgers to fried calamari and of course Shad. There will also be beer and wine tasting and cooking demonstrations.

From the Lambertville website...
"Welcome to the 28th annual Shad Festival, being held on Sat. & Sun. April 25 & 26, 12:30 - 5:30 both days, rain or shine!. Each year the festival highlights our region's arts community, the City of Lambertville, the Delaware River, and of course, our favorite fish, the Shad! The Shad Festival has evolved from a local art show into a nationally recognized award-winning event. Shad Fest features the area's finest artists and crafters, great food and family entertainment, but the two-day extravaganza also serves as a venue for local non-profit organizations to raise necessary operating funds."

I haven't been to this festival before, but I know a lot of people who have gone and they've loved it. I'm hoping to get there this year!

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If I get to the festival, I'll be posting a ton of pictures... If you happen to get there - please contact me. I'd love to hear what you thought about it. Oh, and I've never eaten shad, if you have - could you leave a comment letting everyone know what you think of it and how it tastes?

Here's to the Shad and full bellies.
- Cait


  1. Nice web site Cait -- Shad is a fine eating fish, white flesh, flakey, but not delicate. Lots of bones so only buy it fileted from a fishmonger. The roe is a delicacy... you can find that in the grocery stores this time of year. fry it up. see ya --mg

  2. The roe is available at Lambertville Station-- ONLY inside though. There are blackened shad sandwiches right outside past the bridge. It's been there for years, sometimes it sits back a little bit... but the tent will ALWAYS be there. That specific tent starts at 1:30, not 12:30 :)